How To Earn Money From Blogs – Without Wasting Time and Money

Lots of people say it is hard to earn money blogging online. I’ve heard the same thing said about affiliate marketing and network marketing. I disagree because, in reality, it is just like making money as a bus driver or grocery store clerk, doctor, corporate exec, or any other occupation. You only get paid when you perform the service or give the value.


It’s easy to say you want to earn money from blogs, but until you learn the skills and become qualified and actually deliver value to your customers you won’t get paid the way you would like.

Sure, you might make some money here and there, but in terms of creating a real, sustainable income by marketing online, you need the skills. One of my coaches said it, “Skills pay the bills!”

Treat Your Blog Like Command Central


Think of your blog as your central hub, from which you can control your message and connect, like spokes in a wheel, through advertising and social media sites, to reach your target customers.

Having a blog will help get more eyes on you, your brand, and your message. Once your blog is properly optimized and monetized, it is a powerful tool for generating more new leads and converting more new sales.

You don’t even have to have your own products or services to make money blogging. Bottom line, what do you need and how can you use it to earn money online with your blog?

The Internet Marketing Plan: Your Road Map To Success

Depending on your knowledge and skill, it could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to create a blog that brings in profits. If it takes more than a year of consistent and persistent work, then either you are in an extremely difficult niche, or you haven’t gotten the right training.

Your first step should be choosing your niche. Generally speaking, it’s recommended to choose a niche that you are passionate about, so if the going gets slow or tough, your passion will help keep you motivated and focused on achieving your breakthrough. That’s where the benefit of having the straight forward and up to date training and marketing program becomes invaluable.

Whether you are new to blogging or have some experience under your belt, if you want to avoid the pitfalls many online marketers fall prey to you’ll invest in yourself, and your business, so you can quickly gain the knowledge and develop the skills that will help keep you on track and reduce the waste of time and money that many, aspiring marketers get stuck in.

Step By Step To A Profitable Blog

Building your blogging business is a step by step process. There are three basic steps:

1. Create A Blog

When someone tells me they want to start a blog, I always recommend they check out Wealthy Affiliate. Not only do they have their Online Entrepreneur training course, but they also have a complete marketing platform, including the tools you’ll need – like domain registration, hosting, email autoresponder and WordPress Site Builder, and more.

2. Create Great Content

By including these 7 qualities in your content you increase its value to your readers. Try to get as many of these qualities in your content as possible. If you can get all 7 of them, then you’re well on your way to having viral content that will get the greatest possible response from your readers.


  • Interesting
  • Timely
  • Engaging
  • Debatable
  • Provocative
  • Funny
  • Helpful

3. Build Your Audience

This step is where the rubber hits the road. Having the training and marketing tools to implement the strategies you decide to use, gives you a wide choice of avenues to create income streams within.

Monetize Your Blog With Multiple Income Streams

By now you should have realized that in order to earn money from your blog you will have to invest time, energy, and some cash too. Patience, persistence, and consistency will prove to be key factors in your success.

You should be familiar with making design changes, maintaining, and managing your blog. You should be well on your way to increase your competence and skill at creating and driving traffic to your useful content that contains real value for your readers.

Without fail, you should have created lead magnets and squeeze pages to attract new people to your email marketing list, and a follow-up series that can help you build your relationship with and market to your subscribers.


Proven Ways To Earn Money From Your Blog

Before you implement any of these monetization methods I highly recommend that you have your email marketing strategy set up and working. The benefit to you is that as you build out content and begin to implement monetization, you’ll able to leverage that list in future joint ventures with other marketers.


  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Write Product/Service Reviews
  3. Sell Banner Ad Space
  4. Google AdSense Display Ads
  5. Sponsored Blog Posts
  6. Flipping Websites
  7. Paid Membership Sites
  8. Sell Digital Products
  9. Sell Info Courses
  10. Build A Paid Webinar Hosting Site
  11. Create An E-Commerce Website
  12. Create An Online Marketplace Website
  13. Build An Auctions Website
  14. Build A Job Marketplace Website
  15. Create A Drop Shipping Store
  16. Create An Amazon Affiliate Store
  17. Build A T-shirt Store
  18. Create A Coaching Website
  19. Start A Consulting Business
  20. Create A Paid Business Directory Site
  21. Promote Freelance Services

The More Value You Give, The More Money
You Receive

Yes, there are numerous details and tasks to accomplish within each step, which is why I can’t overemphasize that your training, available tools, and marketing plan are so critical to your success. In a nutshell, these 3 factors are what will help you avoid wasting time and money, eliminate the frustration and struggle, and the ultimate demotivation that causes so many marketers to give up before they realize success.

If you are serious about making a success of your blog, I highly recommend that you invest in your training and marketing tools at the beginning of your venture. That’s the shortest, most secure way to get the results you’re working for.

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2 thoughts on “How To Earn Money From Blogs – Without Wasting Time and Money”

  1. Hi Peter, thank you for the great info!

    I absolutely agree with you that making money blogging does not differ from making money in any other job. If you want to succeed in one job or business (on or offline), you need to focus on y/r training, applying what you learned and improving your skills.
    Blogging is not a fast process, but, may give you excellent financial results long-term.
    Thanks again!

    • Thanks for your insightful comment Vesna. Blogging is a step by step process that when done right can bring a reliable income. Too many people who skip one or more of the steps, or just go for the money wind up not getting the results they hoped for. I can’t overemphasize the importance of a step by step plan of action.
      Here’s wishing you more success!


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