Top 3 Online Marketing Tools For Affiliate & Network Marketers | Home Based Businesses 2019

Surveys from 2018 show around 50% of small businesses in the US are home-based. About 64% of these businesses have websites. If a home-based business is part of your vision, the statistics and trends also show the odds of achieving big successes online are also in your favor. So, what are the Top 3 Online Tools likely to give you the one up on your competition and a better chance of long-term success?

Never before has there been so many digital marketing tools available that can help your business have a better chance of long-term success. Whether you’re a solopreneur, consultant or marketing professional; sell products from home on platforms like Amazon or engage in affiliate or network marketing activities, there are more apps and platforms than ever before that can get the word out about your business and help you achieve your business goals.

The problem is, there are so many of these marketing tools and services available that it’s hard to know which ones are worth investing time, money and energy into. Some can be quite expensive, costing hundreds, potentially thousands per month, making it kind of difficult for the average home business or online marketer to take advantage of their benefits.

In this post, let’s take a closer look at the top 3 online marketing tools that I believe will best serve the majority of home-based businesses and online marketers without adding a ton of expenses, or wasted time and money to their budget.

We’re In A Whole New Era Of Online Marketing


If you want your business to achieve success, regardless of your niche, you’ve got to have a sound online marketing plan in place. You’ve got to have a strategy for traffic, conversions, tracking, and analytics, and one that leverages the power of social media,  uses search engine optimization to help drive traffic, and reaches your target market through the use of trending media marketing tactics.

You’ll also need easy access to the right tools and services at the right time. Keeping in mind that lots of folks who market online are budget aware, spending the least amount possible to get the most possible value in terms of benefits to your business is worth keeping in mind.

So What Are The Best Tools To Grow Your Business?

That really depends on the nature of your business, but thankfully, the majority of home-based businesses and online marketers can keep it to a few of the fundamental tools with the addition of a choice selection of some newer technologies. The rule of 80/20 applies here too, as it does in so many areas.

In other words, 20% of the available tools and services available can produce 80% of the results your business needs. So, with that said, let’s get right into the meat of this article and find out why these 10 made my list of online tools that deliver the most value for the money.

The Top 3 Tools

Builderall & MailingBoss

At the top of the list is Builderall, one of the world’s leading marketing platforms and business builders. It truly can be considered the most complete and easy-to-use digital marketing platform available. Their claim to be, “the perfect solution for all small business owners who want to become great entrepreneurs, service providers, digital marketing professionals, designers, coaches, networking professionals, and much more.”, is well deserved.

Its value is high, its cost is low. It was created by a team of dedicated marketing professionals to provide an alternative to its typically high priced competitors. They are big on quality and highly responsive to their users’ needs. Their list of tools is impressive:

  • Dedicated Servers network in five different continents (CDN) – your pages will appear to the user in a fraction of a second
  • Powerful Analytics – Use A/B tests, analyze which areas of your website draw the most attention and which pages drive the most conversions
  • Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics
  • Facebook Chatbot Tool
  • Professional email marketing automation – drag and drop system visually creates amazing sales machines with multiple triggers
  • Amazing Webinar Application – creates webinars with email systems, page builders, and video tools integrated into the application. streaming options, screen sharing, webinar recording, and more
  • Browser Notifications System
  • Share Locker
  • Script Generator Tool – helps you write strong copy for your sales letters, web pages, videos, webinars, emails, and more

Play With Your Favorite Tools – No Credit Card Needed for their 7 Day Free Trial




When it comes to Social Media Marketing, Mlsp is a traffic generation training site par-excellence, plus plenty more. They give you “real deal” strategies and techniques delivered by 6 & 7 figure earners, who obviously know their stuff. They go beyond just training you by offering some very useful marketing tools and services:

  • MLSP Certified Coaches work with you 1 on 1 to create a custom marketing plan
  • LIVE ongoing weekly lead-gen training every Wednesday at 9 PM EST
  • The MLSP Community – Highly supportive family environment that consistently helps each other implement the training

Their marketing tools include a robust sales funnel builder called Funnelizer. With it you can create customized capture pages, sales pages, funnels, and offers that brand YOU and sell YOUR products & services. One drawback is that it is only available with the MLSP Mastery membership.

The MLSP SITES Blogging Platform is one of the most complete blogging platforms available. Premium plugins are included and the easy to follow video tutorials will have you mastering WordPress in no time.

The MLSP CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) lets you manage all your contacts. The interface is easy to use, so scheduling appointments, sending e-mails, rating prospects, and tracking all of your interactions with potential customers becomes a pleasant task.

Check out the story of how MLSP helps ex-waiter Fire his boss


A Digital Marketing Platform With Extra Benefits

Wealthy Affiliate


You may have noticed quite a few people promoting Wealthy Affiliate while searching online. That’s because they deliver a great deal of value. Becoming a successful online marketer isn’t all that easy, like lots of promoters want you to think.

So, when you find something that really works and gives you exactly what you need to market online successfully, enthusiasm can take over making you want to share it with the world!

What will you find at Wealthy Affiliate? Training that walks you through the steps to build a profitable and sustainable business in any niche you choose. From novice to expert levels, the training is clearly presented in a comprehensive, yet targeted way. They get 5 stars from me.

A lot of newer marketers struggle at first because of not having a clear-cut plan of action. So they get caught up in an unfocused and overwhelmed state of mind and waste time and money going back and forth between things that don’t produce the results.

Not at Wealthy Affiliate! You’ll get access to a state of the art digital marketing platform, so you can immediately put into practice the things you learn. Of course, you’ll have to go Premium to get access to all the features, but that’s understandable.

The free plan is basically a stepping block to go premium. For the first 7 days of your free plan you get access to all the premium tools. Once you become familiar with what Wealthy Affiliate offers and decide that this is the platform where you belong, it only makes sense to invest in your business and focus on building it up.

From training to websites, to hosting, to keyword research, to quality support and mentoring, the Wealthy Affiliate community has it all covered, and they really care about your success.


Doing The Right Thing, At The Right Time

Home based business, affiliate, and network marketing are on the rise. People worldwide are looking for ways to supplement or replace their income and many are turning to the online world. My goal in this post is to share with all, 3 of the most comprehensive, value-packed tools for online marketing that I have found over the years.

Each one was chosen because it provides solutions to the most common problems that cause most online marketers to fail:

  1. The training
  2. The tools
  3. The community and support

Each one is worth checking out to see if it is a match for your business needs.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I will respond ASAP.

Thanks for reading,

Peter Fortilla

VisionRise Marketing

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