Ultimate Copywriting – Course Review:

Ultimate Copywriting - Course Review:



Ease of Use



VERY well-rounded program… with one bite-sized chunk at a time

Not the cheapest but the value far exceeds the cost

Love his teaching style… it’s like it just gets downloaded into your brain

He’s actually there to help you get a firm grasp on it… one-on-one

We Like

The monthly program access to 2 – 3 new Training Modules
The rewarding and fun proctice assignments
The monthly Copywriting Breakdown videos
Monthly Watch Me Write video webinars starting in month 4
Getting insider copywriting secrets from a master with over 20 years experience

We Don't Like

Having to wait a whole year to complete the program but we realize it takes time to practice and master these skills.
Its main focus is on Sales Letters then we realized the principles and techniques work on all types of direct response marketing… ads, articles, social media posts, video sales letters, webinar scripts, etc.

Why Ultimate Copywriting?

Want to unveil the key to writing sales copy that transforms- ignites & commands?

Fellow marketers:

There’s good copy. There’s bad copy. And then there’s copy that wins.

That’s what Paul Hancox (author of Ultimate Copywriting) is best known for.

After more than 20 years of living, breathing, and eating all things copywriting, he shares the benefits and insights of this “incurable madness” in his 12 month membership program Ultimate Copywriting.

If the hairs on the back of your neck tingle when you see the stats rising on your new marketing campaign, and you get ready to start bragging about how good a writer you are, you’ve got this “incurable madness”.

I know I do. I’m an up and coming marketer, and like lots of other online marketers I write my own copy because…

…I feel empowered by having full control over the words and images that represent my brand and personality…

…because I’m thrilled and intrigued by the intricacies of words and phrases that move people to take action…

…because I’m intoxicated by the power of words to inspire people to think, feel, and act in a certain way.

I guess I’ve got it bad; this “incurable madness”. And so do all of us who really want to create relationships with and influence people to find solutions that fulfill their needs using the power of our words.


Do you feel like you’re not getting the results you want from your sales copy because you:

  • lack adequate copywriting knowledge and skills that work in today’s market?
  • aren’t comfortable you’re getting the best quality feedback and support for your copywriting from the folks on social media and in the forums?
  • haven’t invested in the training you need  to understand  exactly how to use your words to get the responses you want?

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution…

… especially for people who could benefit from learning the ins and outs of writing copy…

Internet marketers, Product creators, Freelance writers, Home–based businesses, Work at home parents can all get a lot more than just a boost to their self-esteem and the satisfaction of knowing more than their peers.

After the first few months of the course I’m already enjoying these benefits, and I expect you will too:

  1. sharpen your writing skills
  2. hone your powers of persuasion
  3. sell more
  4. open yourself to more career options
  5. eliminate the expense of needing to hire a copywriter

I can almost hear you thinking… so what’s in this course already? What makes this so good?

Well, here’s what makes this program so special!       quality

Even if you’ve never written much before, as long as you can write reasonable English, you can sign up in Paul’s 12 month program.

Each month you’ll get a new module which contains 2 -3 video breakdowns of winning sales letters. They are analyzed so you get a clear understanding of how and why they work.

During the course, you’ll experience a strong focus on sales letters, but what really makes it stand out from the crowd is the:

  • Active coaching and feedback you’ll get all the way through the course, that’ll take your skills way beyond any “infoproduct” or ebook.
  • The “Missions” at the end of most modules that guide you to practice the new skills you’re learning (plus the feedback on your submitted results).
  • The step-by-step focus on each skill you’ll need to write better copy. It’s a process Paul calls “Layered Learning!”

After you’ve covered the basics, starting in month 4, you’ll get something that no ebook can give; videos showing how a winning sales letter is created. It’s like watching over the shoulder of the master as he details the drafting and editing process. You’ll actually get to see how sales letters are written from scratch!

And you’ll practice your ability to create a sales letter, and get deeper insights from the critiques on your submitted drafts.    


Practice, practice, practice. And critiques to go with them, will hone your skills to a razor sharp edge. So that by month 6 you’ll have the ability to create your own winning sales letters.

The program includes FOUR “Deep Critiques”, and with each Deep Critique, Paul will review up to 5 drafts of the same sales letter.

Personally, I am enjoying the course and think it’s a worthwhile investment, since I am in this for the long haul.

Successfully completing this course takes a strong commitment to one’s goals, but the journey itself is so much fun, and richly rewarding in so many ways, that you’ll be amazed at how quickly you too turn into a copywriting guru!